Construction Management

Description of Services

  1. Review bids with the Owner, AlE, and bidders. Prepare bid comparison sheets using the information contained in the bids and the final estimates from the approved Project Budget. Analyze the contractor’s scope of work, conduct meetings with each trade contractor to determine scope compliance and knowledge of the job, and obtain the trade contractor’s commitment to completing the project on time. Identify the final recommended bidder for the owner’s approval.
  2. Contract Administration:
    a. Conduct and document, all preconstruction meetings.
    b. Conduct and document job progress meetings with the Architect and Owner.
    c. Review submittals and shop drawings. Establish a submittal and shop drawing approval turn around schedule with AlE.
    d. Review and approve progress and final payments. Control all complaints and reports initiated by the trade contractors related to work as required.
    e. Review and approve, in concert with the NE, all field changes. Negotiate, manage, recommend and process all change orders.
    f. Review and approve the punch list.
    g. Conduct and Document weekly construction job meetings and safety meetings once project site work has starred.
    h. Establish an on-site presence and conduct continuous, consistent and ongoing site observations.
    i. Control and log document transmission between NE, Owner and the contractors.
    j.  Coordinate, control and log all COR’s, CO’s, bulletins, issues, clarifications, sketches, etc.
    k. Submit reports which show cost reporting contract status, progress photos, updated construction schedule, progress report, major issues and pending decisions, scope changes, proposed change orders and change orders, etc.
  3. Establish and organize the lines of authority in order to carry out the overall plans of the Construction Team (Architect/Engineer, Construction Manager, Owner Representative, and all Contractors). Provide management, administrative and related services to properly supervise, monitor and coordinate the work of all contractors.
  4. Maintain a competent superintendent to coordinate and provide general direction of the work and monitor progress of the contractors on the project.
  5. Observe the work as it is being performed, until final completion and acceptance by the NE and the Owner, to assure that the materials furnished and work performed are in accordance with working drawings and specifications. Note all deficiencies, and advise contractors as to remedial action. Ensure that all applicable conditions of the contract are met.
  6. Establish procedures for coordination among Owner, Architect/Engineer, Contractors and Construction Manager with respect to all aspects of the project and implement such procedures. Supervise and review the preparation of coordination drawing showing the work of all relevant trades. Maintain job site records and make appropriate progress reports. Develop and distribute updated, fully coordinated, Progress Construction Schedule at least monthly. Implement strict procedures for contracting change orders.
  7. In cooperation with the Architect/Engineer, establish and implement procedures to be followed for expediting the processing of all shop drawings, samples, catalogs, and other Project documents.
  8. Implement an effective labor policy in conformance with local, state, and national labor laws. Review the safety programs with each contractor and make appropriate recommendations. Ensure contractor compliance with OSHA Hazardous Communication Program. Develop and monitor a project specific job site Safety Plan. Take necessary action to correct safety deficiencies. Also be responsible to ensure that the contractors perform all construction site activities safely. Conduct and document safety meetings with the contractors.
  9. Coordinate testing and inspection of all construction and construction materials to ensure conformance with the plans and specifications. Maintain the results of all tests and inspections conducted as project record documents.
  10. Be responsible for the start up, training, transition and operation of mechanical and electronic systems of the facilities. Coordinate the Project Closeout and Start-up. Review and approve all project closeout documentation. Work closely with all project personnel including but not limited to maintenance personnel relative to project start-up to impart a, working knowledge and understanding of the new work.