Join the design team in the Design Development stage of the Architectural I Engineering Design Firm’s work. Review all existing documentation and become completely informed of all aspects of the work.

  • Participate in the preparation of the proposed construction budget and schedule to complete the project using the latest design plans and specifications. The budget will be a detailed outline of all phases of construction. The project will be continuously monitored and a new detailed estimate will be prepared at the construction development phase.
  • Review and advise on all disciplines of the design -as prepared by the NE firm and provide ongoing advice and consultation regarding the efficiency, economy, and quality. Specifically analyze systems and materials to be used. Identify availability of materials including long-lead time items. Identify supporting criteria, which includes consideration of site and environmental constraints, and other building usage, etc.
  • Provide cost management and Value Engineering Services appropriate to the current leve1 of design through cooperative review of the AlE design as it progresses. Preparation of alternate approaches will be proposed to reduce costs or improve schedules. Develop construction procurement strategies and provide alternate schemes andlor unit prices where applicable to increase the clients flexibility with bidding opportunities.
  • Develop a “Procedures Manual” including a team directory, communications procedures, approval procedures, schedule process and format, estimating process format, cost control, document control, etc. Review, advise and make recommendations on all the following construction documents milestones up to an including complete Architectural/Engineering Design,
    • Design development drawings and specifications.
      • Construction Documents drawings and specifications.
      • Bid Documents.
      • Construction Documents.
      • Provide any supplementary andlor site-specific Special General Conditions, the

Form of Proposal, and the construction period duration. These supplementary general conditions will be specific to each trade involved and will deal with all aspects of the work.

  • Perform Constructability Reviews. The reviews will ascertain the best means of logistical planning, creating sequencing and planning the schedule for the entire project.
  • Review the design with an eye toward construction efficiencies and viability. Both project and site-specific issues will be addressed during the constructability review,
  • Analyze the construction market factors that could impact the construction of the project. Such areas as manpower availability, optimum breakdown of the project work scope into trades, local labor conditions, management and financial capabilities as well as quality and workload of potential bidders will be reviewed.
  • Confirm continuing compliance with the project by verifying an schedule, constructability and value engineering considerations. This may require testing the market through discussions with specific contractors if required. Ultimately, bid packages will be developed from the project budget. Alternates in the bid packages may be recommended to the design team to give the owner an additional layer of pricing protection.
  • Recommend to the design team changes to the plans and specifications to  eliminate conflicts, simplify details and improve clarity ofthe documents. Field any and all questions from the bidders. All questions shall be in writing and directed to the Team.  Conduct all pre-bid walk through, of the site. Document and distribute minutes of all walk  through, and any bid document aggenda as required. Maintain a log of all contract  document addenda and ensure the receipt of this documentation by all bidders.